Create Beautiful Curls in seconds

Magic Hair Dryer Curls

This Magic Hair Dryer Curls is perfect for anyone who loves to do their hair! Create beautiful, full, bouncy curls in seconds with this dryer diffuser that spins your hair like a tornado to dry and curl your hair simultaneously in seconds!

Unlike curling irons and hot rollers that damage your hair, it is healthier for your hair! A hair dryer and curler all in one!  

About Oval Makeup Brush

Connecting with hair drier, it creates bouncy and full curls immediately, saving a lot of time and money. 

  • Double Functions
  • Make Curly or Wavy Hair at Home
  • Reduce Damage to Your Hair
  • Attach to Various Vacuum
  • Work with All Hair Dryers
  • Enjoy Different Hair Style 
  • Practical and Durable 


Make Curly or Wavy Hair at Home

No need to troubled by the complicated procedures any more when at the barber's.

With this right arm, you can make beautiful and shinny hair at home anytime by yourself.

It's effortless and time-saving. Simultaneously, it saves a plenty of money by this self-service!


Smooth and Shiny Results

  • Leave your hair looking healthy, soft, bouncy, sleek and healthier, making you gorgeous and charming every day.

  •  It is a remarkable product for those who suffer from severely dry, coarse and dull hair. 

Unique for Tight Corners

  • Get rid of all the dust you couldn’t reach before especially those in-depth cracks.
  • It is trouble-free to sweep tight corners, and weird angles, such as keyboards, air conditioning gaps in cars, and other small accessories. 

Hair Dryer and Curler All in One


Work with All Hair-dryers

Universal Attachment

This vacuum cleaner attachment works with most standard sized vacuum hoses.

The blue part is detachable to adapt with smaller or bigger hose.

Less Damage 

Easy to Carry and Portable


Perfect for Allergic and Asthma Sufferers

Combined with a vacuum made especially for the removal of fine dust, the fine dust pollution is greatly reduced.

The dust is directly sucked into the vacuum without being stirred up, which has a positive effect in a hygienic household.

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What our customers think

Nicole Milstead 

Verified Purchase

This is s marvelous and easy to use alternative to hair curler rolls. It arrived fast, neatly packed and it fits perfectly my hairdryer. It comes with two different stick so that is possible to create 2 different type of curl. Use is pretty simple and straightforward. My wife tried it out on her shoulder length hair and worked well and the curls obtained lasted all day without problem.

Taylor Fort 

Verified Purchase

I have always struggled to achieve the loose curl look in my hair so thought I would give this a go. I love it!! Does the work for me, is quick to use and provides a great finish. It is easy to use with your hairdryer and you can create two types of curls. I wouldn't be without it now finally have an effortless look that I wanted.

Carrigan Doble

Verified Purchase

Really great way to manage my hair. I have frizzy hair and I am really pleased with the results gave me a wave curl. Quite tricky to first get used to it. I watched a video to get handy hints, not the best at styling hair. Will be practicing more and looking forward to salon look bounce. Service was great, and packed really well.

Michaela Toney 

Verified Purchase

This is super easy to use and makes really nice curls. It saves a ton of time. It only adds about 5 min of extra time over just blow drying. Love this. Makes my hair look nice with extra body. I use a mousse first and dry a little before attaching this to the dryer. Comes out great. Definitely recommend.

Tiffany Webb 

Verified Purchase

 I'm blonde and my hair is super fine and I don't have a ton of it...it worked perfectly for me! It doesn't create a dreadlock for me either...I can leave it in the spirals it creates and it looks fine, or I can run my fingers through it and it's fine that way too (just looks more wavy and has more volume). Fun!

Carrie Tempest

Verified Purchase

This product is perfect for my hair, which is just past my shoulders and thick. The reason why people are getting bad results is because they are not following directions on exactly how to get the soft curls you see on the box, and in the demo. You must make sure the crown of your hair is mostly dry and the part you use the air curler on is damp. Also helps to have a nice hairdryer too. 

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Air Curler, Soft Curl Hair Dryer Attachment

Air Curler, Soft Curl Hair Dryer Attachment

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